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Age: 17
Name: Sharolyn Singleary
Location: Virgina
Occupation: Full time Student
Favorite Poet: 2Pac & Maya Angelou






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M y name is Sharolyn Singleary, I was born on April 5, 1989!! Which makes me young in most eyes, but I’m wiser than most in my age range. Piglet is my alias in the poetry world but to the ones outside of it call me Sha. I’m the only child, but I’m far from spoil just blessed with a lot love and encouragement.

I’ve been writing for about 7 years now…..poetry came after the love of music. Now music and poetry have both molded me into what I am. I use the gift of being musical inclined as well as being able to express myself with words. I love each on equally, for I truly wouldn’t be able to understand one without the other. They truly accompany each other when you stop and analyze the situation.

I've learned alot throughout 2007, that I thought I would've never imagine to learn on my own. I began to focus on life lessons and pay attention to the details placed in front of me. Somethings in life aren't as sweet as they seem and people that we might want in our life aren't meant to be.....Theres so many I could name but that would take us all day maybe I'll write something soon explain some of them.

I have graduated from Denbigh High School and moved to South Carolina to attend school. Now I'm realizing that I'm a city girl stuck in the country and I need city lights and etc. to maintain my old lifestyle. I'm majoring in Clinical Adolescent Psychology with a minor in either Graphic Design or Journalism/ Photographry.

After I get my career started I might very well start to publish my work, but right now I'm just focus on jus getting my degree in Psychology.


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